COVID-19 and Small Businesses

Coronavirus – COVID-19

Thanks for visiting our website here at Terre Haute Tree Removal. We ask during this very difficult time in our country to support local businesses. One would wonder how COVID-19 would affect a tree service company like us. Believe it or not, this virus has affected many types of businesses across the country, including the tree service industry.

We are still working local tree trimming and removal jobs but keep in mind, we are also practicing strict social distancing guidelines. We will keep our distance from each other and also maintain that 6′ distance between our customers and us. Everyones safety is of the utmost importance. When we come out to your home or business to give a quote, we’ll access the job and get you a free quote like we always have, but keep our distance at the same time. For your free tree service quote, please give us a call anytime at 812.645.7338.

What does COVID-19 mean?

We have all been hearing about COVID-19 or coronavirus now for a couple of months, but many of us have no idea what it means. Well here is the breakdown. COVID-19 (you may have heard COVID-19 NOVEL) is an acronym that stands for COronaVIrus Disease of 2019. If you have heard the word NOVEL at the end of it, that means new and/or different

As most of us realize, the coronavirus isn’t going anywhere soon. We will need to adapt to having the virus in our society for what could be years to come. It’s important to know that once a cure is found and available to everyone who needs it, our lives will return to a more normal state. I hear people saying that the FLU kills more people. Well sure it does, but there are medicines available that help most people overcome the flu. That cannot be said about COVID-19.

Support Local Business

I never thought I would talk about a virus on my tree service page but it’s an important topic. Please help support your local businesses including ours. We’ll keep our social distance and still get the job done.

We realize times are tough financially for many people during this outbreak, but if you need work done or atleast looked at, we are here to serve. We’ll do it safely. We always provide free quotes and are just a phone call away. Our number is 812.645.7338.

We are locally owned and operated

We have been proudly serving Terre Haute, Vigo County and surrounding areas for many years and we’ll continue to call this our home for many, many years to come. Our children attend the local schools and we are active within the community. We are insured for your protection and ours. Our experienced team will get the job done right the first time, everytime. I personally have climbed to many trees to count, and am personally involved with every job. I have helpers who provide a lot of support on the job site and I’m trying to keep them busy as well.

We hope to hear from you soon so we can give your home or business a free quote.

Stay Safe!!!

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