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Autumn is almost on us. This means Halloween is approaching and football season is here. It also means it’s time to get your yard ready for winter. Starting now will save you so much time and when spring gets here you’ll be ready. Trimming down for the fall and winter gives you time helps to clean for fall. Terre Haute Tree Removal, tree trimming, and tree service has got you covered. Fall cleanup is a must for a fresh green healthy yard. Terre Haute Indiana takes pride in its work and is proud to service the area’s natural habitat. Fall cleanup is not only fun but in my opinion is the best and most beautiful season of them all. I love planting my flowers and shrubs that bloom in the spring. Perennials are just as beautiful as the annuals that we all have and enjoy. If your out driving take time to notice all the people out doing their fall cleanup. We made up a list for you to do if fall cleanup is something you’ll be doing yourself.

1. Clean up leaves, branched and trimmings. They will be perfect if using the debris as mulch.

2. Till the gardens.

Pull up old veggies and plants for new ones.

3. Trim Branches

Cut down excess branches and super long ones

4. Clean the gutters out.

This is Important because you don’t want the water to ruin the roof. More debris will be falling.

5. Dry all the water in areas of your yard including hoses and water fountains.

6. Aerate.

Till up soil around your trees so water can get threw to your trees.

7. Put out fertilizers so new greenery’s can start growing.

8. Use debris you’ve raked up and make mulch for new areas.

9. Prune trees

Trim branches and overgrown trees and bushes.

10. Mow your area to help the soil dry out for the spring. You’ll see how beautiful it turns out by doing this for when spring comes back

11. Divide perennials.

Divide plants. And you can also plant tree trimmings you’ve cut down. Rerooting can be very peaceful.

12. Protect your plant

The cold winter can kill all your beautiful scenery and that would just be disappointing.

13. Plant any annuals you like.

14. Protect the deck and once it is clean add a weatherproofing. It will prevent rotte in the winter.

15. Clean all your yard tool and add a coat of oil to prevent rust. The moisture from our winter can ruin a mower, sheers and other expensive tools.

So call us today and schedule your appointment now. Make sure your ready for bonfires, football and pumpkins. You could have a postcard yard to impress your neighbors with by following the easy 15 cleanups listed above. We promise to not disappoint when it comes to stump removal, tree trimming, or tree fall cleanup. Terre Haute Tree Removal and tree trimming service Indiana.