Fast and Friendly Service

We offer a fast and friendly service in Terre Haute. We go by old values and traditional service. That means several things. The items listed below are things that we do business by.

Being Punctual- This is something that some businesses has lost sight of. It means everything to be on time. This tells the other person that you are dealing with that they are important and their time is important. To put it simply we strive to not be late.

Be Honest- We do everything in our power to be honest. This means a couple of things. One we don’t take advantage of our customers. In times of need or day to day tree services. If you have a storm blow through that causes you to need emergency services we won’t jack your pricing sky high. Honesty is always at the forefront of our mind and a pillar of our values.

High Experience- When you are thinking of who you want to entrust to your property and taking care of the trees on your property you will want to make sure there is a decent amount of experience. We have been in business many years and have all the required documents to provide for insurance. There are certain parts of the tree trimming business that you only learn through experience. We have years of it. It’s kind of like that Farmers commercial that says “we know a thing or two, because we have seen a thing or two”.

Integrity- This old school value is important to us because it means that we stay true to our core values when situations arise that may complicate them. We must make decisions on them.

Being Friendly- This is something that is free. It doesn’t cost anything to be friendly to people. It does make a difference though. People tend to remember people who were in a good mood and that kind of good mood service is contagious.

Safety- Safety is one of top priorities of this company. We must, for the well being of

everyone involved, make safety a top priority. We really keep all of our equipment and our tools in top shape because that means they work properly. Malfunctions can cause serious injury especially in the tree business.

Let’s take a look at the other side of the spectrum. Here is what we do not do. Show up late, charge too much because you have an emergency, wing it because we are just starting out in trees, stray from what we know is right, have a bad attitude, and operate in a dangerous way that could cause harm to you, your family, or your property.

It’s no surprise that people keep coming back to us over and over again. Repeat business is really where we thrive. On the first call we show you what we are made of. From the call back we give you, to the estimate, all the way up to rolling down your street with the chipper and bucket trucks.

All together these values add up to being the number one top tree service business in the Terre Haute area.