Fun Facts for Kids

We hope you enjoy our fun tree facts below which is geared to your children.   They can learn how long a tree can live along with how tall they grow, gain their nutrients and of course, what a tree is made of.   (by the way, tree is made of wood)

  • Trees can live thousands and thousands of years.
  • Trees produce Oxygen which reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  • Plants that are too short to be considered a tree are called shrubs.
  • Trees have been know to grow to over 300 feet.
  • Trees are made of wood.
  • The roots of a tree usually grow underground, which helps keep it stable and allows it to drink from the rain water.
  • Water and nutrients travel up the tree trunk, through the branches and to the leaves.
  • The trunk of a tree is protected by an outside layer of bark.
  • An age of the tree can be determined by the growth rings in the wood.