Interesting, Did you know?

  • Trees are the longest living organism on earth.
  • Trees keep the air supply clean
  • Trees improve water quality
  • Trees create shade which helps keep cooling costs low (sometimes saving as much as 30%)
  • Trees can increase property value by up to 14%
  • Trees can be valuable to others and be worth as much as $10,000
  • Trees produce about 260 pounds of oxygen per year.  That’s one single tree providing oxygen for 2 people.
  • Trees currently cover about 1/3rd of the United States.  We love our forests
  • Trees (over 247 billion of them) over an inch round are located in America
  • Trees, WE LOVE THEM as they are very important for us to have a happy healthy lifestyle.  Oh yeah, they look good too!!!

We at Terre Haute Tree Removal would much rather help keep your trees trimmed, happy and healthy but we realize there are times when the tree has come to the end of its life.  In that case, we’ll cut it down and clean up your property of anything related to that tree before we leave the jobsite.   Call us today for a FREE QUOTE.