Is hiring an Arborist important?

YES!!!  Hiring a certified Arborist is very important.

An Arborist is a certified professional in the management, cultivation and study of trees, shrubs and other perennial woody plants.   An Arborist will focus on the health and safety of trees and plants, which will give them many, many more years to live in most cases.    Trimming a tree is more than simply removing some branches, and to do it right, takes someone who is educated on how to properly maintain the tree and where to specifically remove the branch.    Trimming a tree is a science and not to be taken lightly, which makes a certified Arborist that much more important.

When hiring someone to service your trees, keep in mind that its important to ensure that person or persons have the knowledge to properly do the job right.    If the tree is not trimmed correctly, it will lead to eventual decay and death of your beloved tree.    Always hire a professional certified Arborist as they will have received certification after meeting many eligibility requirements.    Those eligibility requirements include years in this field, skill testing and tree identification.   A licensed Arborist will also carry liability insurance.

Trees are very important to our everyday life and we should not take them for granted.   When you are ready to have some tree work done,  give our Professional Certified Arborist a call at 812.645.7338 and we’ll set up a FREE ESTIMATE.