Is Your Tree Dead Or Diseased?

Ways to tell if your tree is dying or diseased. 

You can usually tell that a tree as a disease pretty easy. If your tree doesn’t pop with green leaves like most healthy trees and there may be a problem. Also, the tree trunk look bear because it is lacking outside layer called the bark. The branches dried out for rotted as they may fall out of the tree. 

One of the major signs of a tree having problems Is it there is fungus growing on it. Fungus usually only grows on dead material. It is what cleans up all the dead material so that means if you have fungus growing on your tree it could be diseased or dying.

Trees that are dying or decaying may become a problem because they are a hazard. In Brown County Indiana last year a young girl under the age of 10 was killed by a falling tree. These hazards should be removed as soon as they start to die to avoid any further problems.When you couple a dead tree along with high winds or a storm this multiplies the problem.

Trees growing along Pathways or highways and any other high-traffic area should be dealt with right away. If you have a tree on your property that is clearly dead, the homeowner is responsible. If a hazard is neglected and somebody gets hurt by homeowner may be held responsible or their insurance company. 

Here are some other sure fire things to look for when inspecting a tree. Some of the limbs on a tree dying or a natural process on a healthy tree. Those limbs or branches should fall off in the winter. If they do not and they stay hanging from the branches it is not a good sign. Another thing to look out for is dead leaves. Dead leaves are natural process for deciduous trees to die and fall off through the winter however if the tree is dead or dying the dead leaves may hang on. Watch out for big splits in the trunk or holes. If a tree loses its bark and no bark grows back to replace it that’s another sign. 

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