Our Services

Our years of experience here in Vigo County has earned the trust of many residents, their friends and family.   So many times we’ll take a call from someone needing tree work completed and we’ll hear “so and so” recommended you and we would like a FREE estimate.   With that being said, our business continues to grow thanks to our past customers who have referred their many friends and family.   We treat every one of our customers with respect as we know that you’ll be spending hard earned money for services we provide.   Give us a call today for your FREE estimate and we’ll treat you like family.

Some of our many services include Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Stump Removal, Pruning, Crowning, V-Shaping and emergency services.

Before you hire a professional to do your work, we recommend making sure they are up to the job.   If you just hire someone with a chainsaw and pickup truck, you are destined for disaster.   They most likely don’t have insurance and if something bad would happen, this already bad situation would be even worse.   Do your homework and know what will happen with the tree disposal and have your contractor (hopefully us) walk through the entire job and get your estimate in writing.

We at Terre Haute Tree Removal will take care of any concern you may have and we will treat you like family.   Call us today at 812.645.7338 for your FREE ESTIMATE.