Preparing for Fall

The summer of 2018 is now behind us and we are in the fall with cooler temperatures and soon to be falling leaves.  This post is simply a reminder that an important way of keeping your trees healthy is to make sure the fallen leaves and limbs are raked up.   If you allow your leaves to remain on the ground for extended periods, the ground around your tree will not be able to breathe properly.  Yeah, I know that sounds crazy but keep in mind your lawn is a living organism and all living things must breathe.   The summer heat is harsh on your grass but the cool weather allows it to rejuvenate.   If your ground is covered with leaves, especially wet leaves, the cooler weather won’t be able to effectively rejuvenate your ground, thus making it difficult to prepare your lawn for the cold winter ahead.  If that happens, the spring of 2019 won’t be fresh and lively as it should be.   In essence, it won’t be prepared for the summer heat next year.

We at Terre Haute Tree Removal enjoy trees and would rather see them alive and flourishing.  We trim trees as well and a good well trimmed tree can last much longer than one that’s not taken care of.   If you would like a free quote to have your trees trimmed, feel free to give us a call at 812.645.7338.