Spring 2018 – Get Ready for Summer

Spring Tree

As the summer of 2018 quickly approaches, it’s important to know that the health of your trees don’t just happen overnight and it takes years of maintaining to develop a happy and healthy tree.    We are here to serve you anytime and are proud to call Terre Haute home, but at the end of the day, we would prefer you to keep your tree(s) healthy.

  • First and foremost, make sure you have removed the debris and junk that has collected around your trees over the winter months.   The “junk” I’m talking about includes limbs, fallen fruits and leaves.
  • If you have a younger tree, we recommend laying down mulch which will help retain your moisture and slow down weed growth.   You can actually mulch trees of all ages, but it’s most important to do for trees that are just a few years old.
  • Keep your trees moist and put extra water in areas that you may have used products to remove ice in the winter time.   Be sure you do the watering when it’s warmer and the ground is not frozen.
  • We also recommend you complete your tree pruning prior to the winter season ending.   Feel free to remove dead limbs anytime but actual pruning is best when your tree is dormant.
  • Inspect your tree and if you see signs of damage or disease setting in, we recommend you call us here at Terre Haute Tree Removal for a complete inspection.

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