Spring Tree Trimming

Spring Time Tree Trimming 

It’s almost spring time here in Terre Haute and although the weather has been cold and rainy, we continue to keep busy thanks to our valuable customers.   I can’t say enough good things about our customers as many of them return year after year to have us do their tree trimming work.    We treat every customer like a member of our family and that is one of the many reasons why our customers return and also send their friends and family our direction.   We give free tree trimming and tree removal estimates, so please feel free to give us a call today at 812.645.7338.   We will schedule and appointment that works for you and can keep socially distanced if that is what you prefer. 

Spring Cleaning

Now that old man winter is about to head out for another year, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleanup around your trees.   It may seem unneccesary, but keep in mind that if you have leaves covering the ground from last fall, your roots won’t be able to get the water they need to flourish.

One of the easist things you can do to help your trees is to make sure the area of your property that has roots, is clear as possible.    In most cases, its impossible to keep areas above all of the roots clear, especially if you are in a small residential area or in a business district where buildings may be on top.

We also encourage you to mulch (especially around smaller trees) so that the moisture can be retained for root growth.   You should also inspect your trees for dead areas on limbs and if they do, you should consider removing that limb or branch.   Pruning dead branches leads to a healtheir tree, which means that tree that’s in your back yard or at your business will have a better chance to survive for decades.

We also encourage you to fertilize your trees on a yearly basis.   We recommend using a slow release fertilizer so that it works over time.   If you ever need help determining your trees health, feel free to call us anytime and we will schedule a time to come out to your home or business for a free estimate.

We provide locally owned and operated professional tree trimming, tree removal and stump removal services for Terre Haute and surrounding areas.    If you’re outside of Vigo county, still give us a ring and we’ll try to make that work as well.    Our crew is very experienced and we work with your schedule.   The telephone number to reach us at is 812.645.7338.   We can remain socially distanced if that is important to you.    

Once we complete your tree job, we can leave the wood there for you (some people like to use it as firewood), or we can take it from your property and dispose of it.   Thank you for taking time to read our little blog here and a friendly reminder that we love our customers and if you become a customer of ours, we’ll treat you like family.    We are locally owned and operated.