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Storm Damage

Most damage to trees on a property during a severe weather event is falling limbs and potentially an entire tree.    High winds combined with saturated soil conditions creates a perfect storm for allowing a tree to fall.   Winter storms also create issues as heavy snow and ice accumulate on the limbs that could eventually bring down many limbs or potentially the entire tree.

Have a strong and healthy tree helps keep this from happening, however, prior summer storms and moist ground can cause the tree roots to weaken and fail.    Many times, hazards cannot be seen with the naked eye prior to an event that could lead to the entire tree coming down.

Trees add beauty and value to your home, so we never recommend removing a tree unless its diseased or dead.    If someone else recommends having  tree removed for no reason, then I would recommend finding someone else to do the job.

Even if you care for your trees on a routine basis, when a severe storm hits, be sure to have an arborist review your property for any issues resulting from the weather.

If you do have storm damage, please give us a call at 812-645-7338 and we’ll provide you with a FREE estimate.