Terre Haute Tree Services

At Terre Haute Tree Removal, we offer local professional service 365 days a year.  Well almost, we do take off Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years day, but get it.  We are locally owned and operated and have been for many years.    If you need a small job done or something much larger, we can handle it.  We at Terre Haute Tree Removal have the equipment needed to get any job done.

Living here in central Indiana, we all know that sometimes a good thunderstorm can roll through and knock down some larger than life limbs or an entire tree.  When that happens, just give us a call at 812.645.7338.   Our emergency services fill up quick after a storm so once you need our services, pick up the phone and give us a jingle.

When you spend money with us, it stays in the Terre Haute community.  We spend our money here and feel it’s important to keep the local businesses flourishing.    I always say, feed the hungry and help us out.  Jokingly of course because I do eat well but my daughter is always needing (or wanting) a new pair of shoes.  I have never seen someone go through as many shoes as that girl does.  I’m hoping she follows in my footsteps and works in the tree trimming industry.  We are fortunate to have a great team assembled and hope you will allow us to give you a FREE ESTIMATE.   DId I say FREE ESTIMATE?  Of course I did.

We offer FREE ESTIMATES prior to you booking us for your job.   We encourage you to get a few estimates but one thing is for sure, we are very competitive with our low pricing and you won’t lose quality.  That’s right, we have been doing tree trimming and removal work for many years and our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best possible service at a low rate.  Whether it be commercial property or the home you own, we can do jobs of any size.

Maybe you only need a stump removed, yep we can do that too.   We’ll trim up your tree or heck, we’ll even cut it down if thats what you need.   I’m sure that’s obvious considering Tree Removal is part of our business name.    Depending on the kind of tree you have, it’s best to trim your trees every year or two.   A tree that is trimmed up yearly (in most cases) can live a much longer healthier life.

We are grateful for our many previous customers who continue to send their friends and family our way along with the repeat business they continually give us.  It’s winter time now but spring is just around the corner.   We get very busy in the spring so if you need something done by a certain time, you may want to go ahead and get it scheduled.   Thank you for taking the time to read my little article today.

Give us a call today at 812.645.7338 for your FREE ESTIMATE.

God Bless