The beauty of a tree

Trees – awwww what a beautiful sight to behold.

Many people automatically assume since we are in the tree removal and trimming business, that we don’t like trees and make money getting rid of them.   In fact, its just the opposite.   We at Terre Haute Tree Removal love the beautiful creation that god has given us in the “tree”.   We are here to provide a service to remove trees when its necessary due to disease or rot.   We also remove trees due to development, but also encourage our customers to plant 2 trees for every 1 that they remove.   Of course we don’t make the final decision on that, but we love to see more trees planted.  Its beneficial to the value of our properties, but also essential to nature and the services that it provides.

Just imagine a street lined with homes, but NO trees.   Rather boring if you ask me.   Now think about a street lined with homes and trees.   Now that’s a beautiful vision.   The aesthetics, coolness and relief from the hot sun, not to mention the oxygen they provide.   Trees provide such beauty, ambience and stress relief.   They blow in the wind, blossom in the spring and turn beautiful colors in the fall.   As the leaves fall to the ground they become a fun play area for children.   I remember piling leaves together as a child and jumping in them.   I would also cover myself in leaves and jump out to scare people.   Ok, maybe that wasn’t a great idea, but it was sure fun.

There are many areas within our community of Terre Haute to see some of natures great beauty.   Throughout Vigo and surrounding counties, we are fortunate enough to live in an area where trees are prominent.    Even the local university uses the “Sycamore” in its name.   The Indiana State Sycamores represent our area with such great pride.   Students from around the country visit our community and grow their education among us.   There is no doubt that some of the reason they choose Indiana State is because of the beautiful area for which we live.   Our area is blessed with trees which adds to the aesthetics of Terre Haute, but also brings with it Students and Businesses in general.   One of our favorite areas to visit to view fall colors at its best is Brown County Indiana.   Just about 80 miles to our Southeast is rolling hills full of natures beauty.   Take a short drive up Interstate 70 and Highway 46 some weekend and enjoy some memorable views.

Take a walk sometime through the woods and listen to the leaves as they rustle around in the breeze.   Its music to a person ear.   Wintertime also brings us amazing views as snow sticks to the branches and creates a picturesque piece of artwork.   Summer or Winter rains emit a fabulous smell that can’t be replicated without the tree.

As you hopefully realize, we at Terre Haute Tree Removal love nature and the beauty a tree brings, but if you need service on your trees, from Pruning to Removal, just give us a call and we’ll provide you with amazing customer service at a great value

Trees are good for the soul!!!