Tree Service Terre Haute

Tree Service Terre Haute

We are off to a good start here in 2020 thanks to our many wonderful customers.  It’s hard to believe that the virus has hurt so many businesses and unfortunately many of them won’t reopen.   In all honesty, we were expecting a decline in business as people have tighted their financial belts, but thanks to our many repeat customers and referrals, we have been quite busy.   I have not had to lay any one off and we are working a full schedule so far.  I certainly hope that continues throughout 2020 as  we have a hungry group of tree trimmers amongst us.

Tree Trimming Terre Haute

Even though our name says Terre Haute Tree Removal, we perform all kinds of tree services including tree trimming which just happens to be our favorite.   There is nothing more beautiful than a nicely trimmed up tree.  We have pruned many a tree over the years and have removed quite a few as well along the way.   Did you know that a tree that is kept trimmed up every year or so (depends on the species of tree) can live for many decades.   That is right, if you keep your tree pruned on a regular basis, it can live for several generations.   What you have living today could be around for your great, great, great, great grand kids, or even longer.   We specialize in tree trimming and tree removal here in Terre Haute and surrounding areas so if you would like a free estimate, please give us a call at 812.645.7338.   We will work out a time that works for you.  Don’t worry, we believe in social distancing, especially now, so we’ll stay 6 feet away.

Tree Removal Terre Haute

As our name implies, we also specialize in removing trees here in Terre Haute.   We actually serve all of Vigo County and surrounding areas.   There are many reasons why you may need to remove a tree and when that’s the case, call Terre Haute Tree Removal for your free estimate.  We have the equipment to get the job done right the first time.   It doesn’t matter if it’s a large tree job or a small one, we have the equipment to safely do it.   We generally only book one tree service job per day to ensure that we can complete your job safely.   Safety is of the utmost importance for us as we want to ensure our guys go home every night safe and also at the same time we want to keep you and your property safe and damage free.   If you need a tree removed, be confident that Terre Haute Tree Removal can get the job done right and at an affordable cost.

Stump Removal Terre Haute

Last but certainly not least, we can also remove your tree stumps after we complete the job.   If you would like us to remove your tree stump, just let us know when we are quoting out your services.  We look forward to working with you here in 2020.

Free Quote: 812.645.7338