Tree Trimming Terre Haute – Winter Dormancy

Spring oh spring, where art thou?   Yeah as you can tell, we are ready for spring time here in Central Indiana.   We work year around in Terre Haute and surrounding areas but it’s much more fun climbing a tree when it’s sunny and 70 as opposed to cloudy and 30.   Don’t get me wrong, if you need your trees trimmed or removed, we are a locally owned and operated company who will take care of you.  We treat every one of our customers like family and truly appreciate your business.  So do our kids because the business you allow us to earn helps pay for our kids education and clothes.

The winter time is definately slower than the spring, summer and fall but if you need something done, give us a ring at 812.645.7338.  Once March hits, the phone lights up and we’ll be busy all the way through the middle of November.

Lets talk about trees and winter dormancy.  We all know that most trees lose their leaves and become bare in the colder months of the year.  Have you ever wondered how trees survive the cold winter months with no clothes (leaves) on?   We as humans can go inside a warm building or keep moving for warmth.  Actually if you think about it, many animals have the ability to get to a warm place.   When is the last time you saw a tree move in to where it’s warm?   Yeah, we haven’t either.

What about those animals we don’t see in the winter?  How do they survive?  Did you know a bear and a tree have alot in common?  Yep, that’s right.   A bear keeps warm in the winter because it goes into hibernation.   Believe it or not, trees also go into a hibernation state.   It’s not called hibernation for trees but it’s essentially the same thing.   When a tree hibernates, it’s called dormancy.   When trees become dormant, they survive the brutal winters we can have here in Terre Haute.

When trees lose their leaves, that is the beginning of dormancy.  Just like a bear, a trees metabolism and energy consumption slow way down.  They don’t grow in the winter time and by losing their leaves, it conserves energy.   The tree spends all spring, summer and fall storing energy so it can survive the winter in dormancy.  Similar to a bear who eats to get extra fat to store for the cold winter months while it hibernates.

The only way to keep a tree out of dormancy would be to bring it inside for the cold winter months, but as we know if the tree is large, that’s not going to happen.   It’s natural for trees to stay outside, so keep them healthy and they’ll take care of themselves as they prepare for winter.  Did you know that you can shorten the life of a tree by not letting it go dormant over a period of time?   Yep, believe it or not, if you baby the tree and keep it from dormancy, it will get tired and not live nears as long.

We recommend letting nature take it’s course.

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