Winter is quickly approaching

It’s hard to believe that the summer of 2017 is behind us and fall will soon turn into winter.   Before you know it, we’ll be talking about Christmas Trees and how to get rid of them for another season.   I guess we’ll not get ahead of ourselves so lets talk about the remaining leaves that will be falling this year.

Many of our beautiful trees have lost their leaves and those which haven’t, soon will find that their limbs will also be bare.   We would like to remind you that raking leaves in the fall is a very important factor in overall tree health as we move into winter.   When leaves are left on the ground for extended periods, they tend to get thick which doesn’t allow your lawn to breathe correctly.   It may sound silly, but your lawn is a living organism that needs air and will suffocate if it cannot properly breathe.   Just imagine if you were under a thick patch of leaves for an extended period of time.    What would happen???  Of course you would smother and your lawn will do the dame.

The summer heat takes a toll on your grass and the cool fall weather allows the grass to rejuvenate, but if it’s covered in leaves, that won’t happen.    Simply put, if you don’t keep your leaves raked, the sunlight and cooler temperatures won’t be able to do their job to prepare your lawn for the cold winter ahead.   Once you combine that with the intense heat the next summer will bring, your lawn will struggle in the summer of 2018.