Winter Pruning

Many people believe pruning in the spring time is best but quite honestly, winter pruning is a great way to get your trees a burst of blooms in the spring time.   Dead wood and light pruning overall can be done anytime but the winter season is a great time to get your trees ready for the next growing season.

Pruning during dormancy is quite the common practice.    Doing this usually results in vigorous growth in the spring.    With that being said, the best time to prune in the winter time will be after the coldest part of the winter has passed.   Birch, Maple and Walnut trees may bleed sap during this time of pruning but this will not harm the tree.    These 3 species can easily be pruned in the winter months however, those are best done in the spring and fall.

The absence of leaves on most trees in the winter time also helps a person see the branches that need cut back.   Here is a list of trees that are best to prune in the winter season.    Poplar, spruce, juniper, cherry, plum, bald cypress, crabapples and Bradford pears.

If you are planning to prune a tree that is low to the ground, you may be able to handle it yourself, however if there are limbs up high or near power lines, please leave that up to a professional.   We deal with these types of issues on a daily basis and have the proper training to complete the job safely.

Enjoy the holidays and cold winter weather by calling us here at Terre Haute Tree Removal so we can do the work for you.   We’ll treat you like family and provide you with a professionally completed job.

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